#Travel140: Minimize Motion to help prevent Seasickness

#Travel140 #TravelTip: If seasickness is a key concern, get as close to the center & bottom of the ship as you can.

(Posted Monday 2014/01/27)
Seasick Sailor

A lot of people miss out on sailing because they suffer from seasickness, or are afraid they might. If motion often gives you an uneasy feeling, makes you feel dizzy or nauseous, being afloat may be a problem. While today’s cruise ships are pretty stable, you can mitigate the motion by getting as close as you can to the center and bottom of the vessel, whether it’s a cruise ship or a sailboat, a barge, a ferry or even a paddleboat. The higher up and farther from center you get, the more you will feel the motion of the sea.

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2 comments on “#Travel140: Minimize Motion to help prevent Seasickness

  1. Another useful tip: Jump into the pool. Your body will immediately move with the water in the pool rather than with the ship, which often helps with the balance displacement your inner ear is experiencing. Just don’t jump into the pool if you’re ready to vomit; the cruise line and your fellow pool-goers won’t appreciate that at all. 🙂

    • Good tip! I didn’t know that but it makes complete sense. Thanks for sharing! Thankfully, I don’t get seasick, but that’s not always true of my little traveling tribe. Thanks again, Linda!

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