#Travel140: The Best Time to Buy Luggage

#Travel140 #TravelTip: When is the best time to buy new luggage? Hint: Get ready to go shopping!

(Posted Monday 2014/03/31)

Yeah...it's about time for new bags...

Yeah…it’s about time for new bags…

Need new luggage? Heck, even if you don’t, it’s fun to go shopping for new bags. There’s something almost magical about a new suitcase just waiting to be broken in. It’s almost like an invitation to pack up and go find adventure!

Like most industries, luggage makers unveil new lines every year. Typically, those new lines are introduced just before the summer travel season, which makes the second quarter – April, May and June – the best time to buy as stores try to clear out last year’s models before new inventory arrives. If you need new bags, spring is the time to keep an eye on your favorite stores for discounts and clearance sales.

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