#Travel140: Upgrade Your Chance at an Upgrade

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Another way to improve your upgrade chances is by flying when most frequent flyers don’t.

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It’s no secret that most airline upgrades go to high status frequent flyers and those with budgets to buy their way to a better seat. That doesn’t mean the common man can never get an upgrade, but you’ve got to be very lucky. You can improve your odds by flying when most frequent flyers don’t, or choosing a less direct flight.

More people try to fly home – or start a vacation early – on Friday, so a Saturday morning flight could have more open seats for you to move into. You might also try taking a flight with connections, as they tend to be less popular with business flyers who don’t like going out of their way. As a bonus, connecting flights are often less expensive than non-stops.

Of course, the best ways to get upgrades are still being a loyal customer who flies often, and paying a higher fare in the first place. If you’re flying on a budget, you are likely among the last people on the plane who’ll be considered for an upgrade.

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