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Hotel Travel Tips: Nine Tips to score an Upgrade at Check-in - Via @TravelLatte.net

Nine Hotel Travel Tips to Get an Upgrade at Check-in

Don’t leave it all to chance, use these hotel travel tips to increase your odds of getting a suite upgrade!

After traveling all day, there is very little as rewarding as checking into your hotel and finding you’ve been upgraded. Whether you got moved to a suite, up to a Club Floor, or just around to a room with a view, it’s always appreciated. But why leave it all to chance?

Nine Hotel Travel Tips to Get an Upgrade

It’s important to remember that complimentary upgrades are at the discretion of the hotel. The quickest way not to get one is to assume – or demand – that you deserve one. There are no guarantees in this game, so be appropriately appreciative should you be deemed worthy.

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Check In Late in the Day

Sometimes, checking in early is a wonderful thing. You can drop your bags, freshen up, maybe even grab a quick nap in your new destination. What the early bird generally doesn’t get, though, is an upgrade. Later in the day, the hotel has a better idea of how many, and which rooms will go empty that night. That means you have a better chance of getting one of those empty rooms.

Be Loyal

Have you joined the loyalty programs for your favorite hotels? Loyal guests, especially those with “status” in the program, are more likely to be upgraded at check-in. Again, there’s no guarantee, but it’s one of the surest ways to move on up.

Stay Often

If there’s one person more important to a hotel than a member of their loyalty program, it’s the person who stays frequently. While it seems nice to “spread the love” around a city’s hotels, once you find one you like, stay there every time you’re in town. The more you do, the more likely they’ll thank you for your continued business.

Nine Hotel Travel Tips to Get an Upgrade at Check-in, via @TravelLatte.

Travel Off Season

Your chance of a complimentary upgrade during the busy season is significantly lower than the off season. It makes sense; not only are there more rooms available, the hotel will also try harder to convince you to come back.

Stay at Newer Hotels

Many times, new hotels have excess inventory (not all of their rooms have been booked) and they are eager to build repeat business. This basically compounds your chances of getting an upgrade! Of course, it’s not always easy to know when a hotel is new in a city, so a quick phone call may be in order. While you have them on the phone, you might also ask how full they are during your target dates. (Remember, more empty rooms mean better odds of an upgrade.)

Be Vocal

Just remember to also be positive. A thank you email or tweet after your visit will be remembered. Mentioning a hotel in your social media channels builds goodwill. (Pro Tip: Brands love it when you drop their name, but tweeting about your experience at a specific hotel often goes further.) It may not get you to the penthouse, but you may find extra amenities in your room.

Be Helpful

Less than perfect stay? Something gone awry? Follow up with a personal letter or email to the hotel manager. Politely point out what went wrong versus what you expected. Your helpful feedback may get you an invitation to give the hotel a second chance, with an upgraded room. If their performance improves, tell them so. Building that relationship will work in your favor.

Send a tweet or email - Nine Hotel Travel Tips to Get an Upgrade at Check-in, via @TravelLatte.

Just Ask!

You might be surprised how frequently you can get an upgrade just by politely asking. Don’t limit it to just a better room. Want those club level robe and slippers, or maybe free wi-fi? It never hurts to ask.

Be a NAG: Nice, Appreciative, Genuine

Nobody’s going to upgrade a Grumpy Grumperson with a sense of entitlement who complains about everything. So be sure to be nice when dealing with hotel workers (and everyone else). When you talk with or tweet about the hotel, be genuine. And whatever they can do for you, be gracious and appreciative. That may not get you upgraded, but it will leave a positive impression, and that might do the trick next time.

We’re curious about your travel tips! Please share your tips to get an upgrade. We’ll re-post the best, so be sure to include your Twitter handle and a link to your blog, if you have one. Or click for more #Travel140!

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