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#Travel140: Have a Hotel Safety Net

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Have a hotel safety net! Book in advance but keep shopping for better rates.

Everybody likes a last minute deal that saves you a bundle on a hotel room. What nobody likes is waiting for a sale that never comes, and facing a vacation with no place to stay. That’s why our hotel strategy is to hurry up AND wait.

The tactic is simple: As soon as you know where and when you’re going, start looking at hotels. Book your ideal room at the best refundable rate, and you can rest assured knowing that, if all else fails, you have a reservation.

But don’t stop there! Check back regularly for better rates, better rooms, and special deals. Keep an eye on other hotels in the area, too, and subscribe to their newsletters. Use tools like Expedia’s Scratchpad so you can see when prices fall. When you find a better deal, book that and cancel the original reservation. Presto save-o!

This tactic works particularly well in areas and times where demand is high and supply is limited. For example, we love fall road trips around New England’s small towns, where there are limited lodging options. If you wait for that last minute deal, you may end up paying too much, if you find a room at all.

What are your tactics for getting the best deal on hotels? Share them in a comment, and we’ll re-post the best of ’em. (Be sure to include your Twitter handle and a link to your blog, if you have one!) Or click here for more #Travel140!

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