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#Travel140: Keep Spring Break Affordable

#Travel140 Travel Tips

Keeping Spring Break affordable starts with packing your family’s essentials.

You never buy things at the airport because they cost at least twice as much, right? Use that same logic when you’re going to a resort for Spring Break. Yes, they will have sunblock and toothpaste. And yes, you will pay more for it.

Save yourself some time, money, and stress by making a packing list of Spring Break Essentials your family will need. Start with the Must Have items appropriate for your destination. If mountains are in your future, pack bug spray and anti-itch creme. Pack your sunblock and sunburn care for the beach. The fun stuff will be more expensive at a resort, too, but it takes up a lot of room in your luggage. If you have the space, consider bringing snorkel masks and fins, sand toys, and beach blankets. Just be ready to leave them behind to save on baggage fees.

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What is your favorite travel hack to make Spring Break easier or more affordable for your family? Please share in the comments, and we’ll re-post the best. (Be sure to include your Twitter handle and a link to your blog, if you have one!) Or click here for more #Travel140!

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  1. We are a family of five and love your tips on keeping Spring Break affordable. With a big family, every dollar counts when going away! One of the thing that we realized with travelling with kids is that we wanted them to be comfortable while travelling (by car, plane, train, etc…). This kept them quiet and they complained a lot less “to and from” the destination part. After years of trying different things to make them comfortable, and not being 100% satisfied with products, my wife decided to make her own. She came up with a product that is increadibly practical and comfortable for every kid when travelling. Check is out, they are called Amina Monsters…let us know what you think? 🙂 http://www.amibamonsters.com

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