Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

Our Stay at Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula, Cancun

The beach in Mexico should have a warning sign: Abandon Cares All Ye Who Enter. Long flight to get here. Who cares? Lots of work back home. Who cares? Getting a little red there, buddy. Who cares? Margarita is empty. Oh look, here comes a waiter. Alright, maybe not every beach in Mexico is that way, but our long, lazy beach days at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun were remarkably similar: Sun, swim, snack, sip. Rinse and repeat.

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun’s Zona Hotelera. A family-friendly beachfront All Inclusive resort.

Plop us on that beach!

Did you know Cancun has 13 miles of Caribbean beach? That’s one reason we chose to take a total beach break here. We wanted to be right on the sand. No problemo, amigos! There are more than 150 beachfront hotels in the major resort areas: Playa Mujeres, Isla de Mujeres, and the Zona Hotelera. We chose the latter because it is the shortest distance from airplane to beach. (In a future post, we’ll discuss the Hotel Zone and other resort areas in more detail.)

We were looking forward to long days of swimming, sunning, and snorkeling, so we chose the northern region along Boulevard Kukulcan. (Honestly, who doesn’t have fun saying Kukulcan?) If you’ve been there, you know things get a little rowdy around the clubs on the north end. No me interesa. Not our scene. Not this time. But it’s a great family area because the waves aren’t so strong. Besides, this is where the shopping centers, the archeological museum, and Burger King are, plus the only Starbucks in the area. Something for everyone, is what we’re saying.

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

Our days in Mexico: Sun, Snack, Snorkel, Sip. Rinse and repeat!

All In or Adults Only?

There really isn’t a bad area to stay in the Hotel Zone. One of two decisions that will greatly influence your choice in hotels, though, is whether to stay at an Adults Only resort (or one with an Adults Only section). As we were traveling with teens in tow, this was not an option for us, but might be for you. Some of the resorts with Adults Only sections do allow adults in your group to enjoy the amenities exclusive to that section, though. As an example, we were able to reserve a table in the Adults Only restaurant at our resort for a night when the teens would be on their own.

The second, and perhaps bigger, question is whether you’ll go All Inclusive. Yes, this drives prices up, but it also drives effort down. Since our trip was meant for relaxation and recharging, we decided to literally go All In. This might have reduced our options, but there were still plenty to choose from! A quick scan of our favorite hotel picking tools (Google Maps for location, Trip Advisor for ratings, and Oyster for candid photos), and we narrowed things down to the Riu family of resorts. They have the locations we wanted, and were the highest rated in that area. The Riu Palace las Americas has a prime location at the tip of the Zona Hotelera, and is the highest rated of the Riu hotels but, alas, it’s adults only. The Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula is the brand’s second-highest rated Cancun location. It’s all inclusive, family-friendly, and just down the beach.

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A Boutique-y All-Inclusive Big Brand Resort?

Approaching the Riu Palace Peninsula, we were mildly disappointed at the generic, though nice, look. Once through the doors, though, we were thrilled. The modern décor appealed to our sense of style. Above a small stand of palm trees was a soaring skylight, making the lobby bright and spacious. Tall tiled columns with blue accents framed the view, with a wall of windows beyond the café that looked over the grounds and out to the sea. Large white globes and planters punctuated the lobby, and at night glowed with soft light. While we knew we landed in Cancun, it seemed we could have easily been in a Palm Springs boutique hotel.

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

The Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula looks huge from the outside (and it is!) but has many boutique hotel touches.
(Photo: Riu Hotels & Resorts)

During our stay, the staff really made the big resort seem friendly and more like a boutique hotel. By the second day, we were recognizing some staff members, who obviously remembered us. They asked about our stay and our plans, remembered our preferences, and offered excellent service with big, friendly smiles. On-site restaurants (nine in all) were mostly small and intimate, so you had that boutique feeling while dining, too.

That feeling dissipates once you venture upstairs, though, where floor over floor of long hallways lead to hundreds of rooms (562 to be exact). Outside walkways lead from the lobby to several shops and restaurants, a theatre, the spa, and fitness facilities. The expansive grounds feature several pools, seven bars, and even some Mayan ruins, highlighting the resorts size. However, the smaller and isolated Adults Only section takes you right back to that feeling of a smaller hotel.

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

The big and festive lobby is a highlight of the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula.

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The Lobby Experience

We really enjoy a good hotel lobby. It’s a space to work and relax, a gathering area for guests, and the place to meet with locals. It’s the hotel’s first and last chance to make a good impression.

The great looking lobby at the Riu Palace Peninsula featured plenty of seating areas, though it often got very busy. The front desk, concierge, and baggage hold areas are congregated in one corner of the lobby near the front entrance. Across the room, the bar and café also got quite crowded in the evenings, but were relaxing spots to spend time out of the sun. One of the signature restaurants, Kabuki, is just off the lobby as well.

Because this trip was more about relaxation than nightclubbing, we spent most of our evenings, and some time every day in the lobby areas. The hotel is popular for weddings, and we found ourselves in the middle of several celebrations in the lobby bar. One particularly large family reunion adopted us for an evening in the café. (Complete with a violin recital by one of the teenage daughters!) We met fellow travelers, practiced Spanish with the staff, and enjoyed each other’s company. We also enjoyed nightcaps, pastries, and unlimited café lattes!

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

Unlimited coffee drinks with a view –
our “Big Win” in choosing an All Inclusive resort!

Saved by the View

When you’re taking a beach break, you probably won’t see your room very much. While our deluxe rooms were spacious and comfortable, that certainly proved to be true for us. It’s just as well we had other places to spend our time, as the rooms were not as appealing as the rest of the hotel.

Nearly every piece of furniture in the room was built-in and covered in thick, glossy white paint or laminate. There was very little décor, making the room feel a little sterile. It seemed like the room was meant to be hosed down after the banished Spring Break crowds departed. The room could have used a good scrubbing, too. The white walls showed off scuff marks, wearing paint, dirty hand prints and smudges, and there were plenty of them.

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

While comfortable, our room at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula could use a few touchups and repairs.

We loved the walk-in shower, with its grey and dark pink glass and tiles. However, we just don’t get the spa tub stuck in the middle of the room. We understand that’s supposed to be romantic or luxurious, but it seemed more appropriate for the Adults Only section. There was ample closet room, with a laptop-sized safe. Along with a (cheap) booze dispenser, the mini-fridge was stocked with sodas and water. And the towels and bedding were soft, thick, and comfy. With a little sprucing up and a few softening touches, the rooms could be quite nice.

We thoroughly enjoyed the views, though. The long hallways offers views of the lagoon on the other side of the isthmus. Inside, every room faces the beach, so there’s a great view from your sliding glass door! Most of our time in the room was spent on the balcony admiring that view. The room was not bad, just not great save for that view.

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

Our view overlooked the Mayan ruins and modern pools of the Riu, and the occasional pirate schooner on the coast!

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

While all rooms face the beach, the front of the hotel faces across the lagoon on the other side of the isthmus. Some sites refer to this as “beach access on both sides,” but only one side fronts the sea.

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Drinking, Dining & Diving (and bad behavior)

One hesitation most people have about All Inclusive resorts is that they draw the kind of crowd that’s just there for the booze, and lots of it. Thankfully, that’s not something we encountered at the Riu. Apart from the No Spring Breakers rule, the resort does not tolerate behavior normally associated with the All You Can Drink crowd. Not once did we encounter over-served patrons, loud parties, or brash behavior. Of the nine restaurants, all have some level of dress code. Even the large main dining room where shorts were allowed, men in tank tops were refused entry. We witnessed one particularly large “gentleman” attempt to bully his way in without changing from board shorts and a tank top, only to be removed by a group of managers. Standing firm on their rules kept the atmosphere family friendly and non-offensive.

Another common complaint about All Inclusives is that the food and drinks are sub-standard, which we did not find to be true. There are seven bars around the resort and, while we are not big drinkers, we enjoyed a few umbrella drinks at several of them. They were consistently flavorful and mildly potent, and served by a staff that was quick and professional. It’s a shame there is only one coffee bar, because the staff was fun and coffee drinks were great! They also served awesome milkshakes, the pastries were always fresh and delicious. (We sampled much more of the desserts than the umbrella drinks!)

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

With a variety of fresh fruit, the chef-prepared juice bar was the most popular station every morning. You pick the fruit – he makes your smoothie. (We need this at home!)

Breakfast Galore

We are admittedly partial to breakfast. So much so that we envy Hobbits for their Second Breakfast. We’ll take breakfast for lunch and dinner, too. But at the Riu, breakfast is strictly for, well, breakfast.

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While there were themes for lunch and dinner (Mexican, Italian, Asian), breakfast was generally the same. The variety was still amazing with fresh fruits, an entire bar filled with breads and pastries, a section of meats and cheeses, and a selection of yogurts and parfaits. Hot breakfasts included pancakes and waffles, omelets and eggs, and a variety of meats. In addition to milks (cow, soy, coconut) and fresh juices, you could order a fruit smoothie of your own design at the juice bar. Two favorites at our table were horchata (a rice milk drink) and Plantano con Leche, a banana and milk concoction; flavors that brought back memories from my youth along the border.

We found lunch much less exciting, but still good. We took advantage of poolside burgers and hot dogs when they were available (not every day). Otherwise, we headed indoors for tacos (because…Mexico!) and generally ignored the sandwiches, burgers, pasta and other offerings.

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

Not gonna lie – we are all about dessert! Which is real trouble at an All Inclusive resort.

Dining Options

Another complaint we hear about All Inclusive resorts that you’re stuck with the buffet or whatever the restaurant serves. The Riu Palace Peninsula addresses this concern by having more restaurants (9) than there are days in the week! The buffet is always available, and has themed days (three days a week), or you can make reservations for the specialty restaurants, which are included in the All Inclusive rate. Each one features a specific cuisine: Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Steakhouse and Fusion. We managed to make it to all but the fusion restaurant “Krystal,” and found them all to be very good. Service was attentive and professional, portions were ample, and the flavors were great. Because they were available by reservation only, we didn’t feel rushed and were able to relax and enjoy our time together.

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

Bar service on the beach? (Wi-Fi, too!) #Winning.

Poolside & Beachside

There are four pools at the Riu, including an Adults Only pool, a kids’ pool, and a Scuba pool. Despite there being only one swim-up bar, drink service is available at all pools and on the beach. (Note: Only the grownups get the alcoholic drinks at the kids’ pool!) There is a towel station on the pool deck; you’ll get a card for each member of your family when you check in, which gets you a towel. One per guest, but you can exchange them all day long.

The resort has a large beach section, part of which is sandy with beach chairs and umbrellas. Another section has a grove of palm trees and hammocks – good luck getting out once you’ve settled in. They seem to suck away any desire to do anything other than take a nap! There is also a rocky shoreline outcropping that both kids and adults (oh, and iguanas!) love to explore. Small fish like the protection of the rocks, too, so it’s the best spot to snorkel along the beach.

A brown seaweed (Sargassum) grows along the Yucatan coast and frequently washes ashore. There was a bumper crop in 2015, but even in normal years, there can be a lot of it, which the hotels work hard to rake away. Still, mother nature has a way of dealing with mankind, meaning that you will occasionally have to wade through the grass floating in the surf.

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

A panoramic view from our balcony overlooking the pools and shore at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula, Cancun.

Good to Know

In Cancun, TravelLatte stayed at the Riu Palace Peninsula All Inclusive, and you can too with savings up to 55%!
In Cancun, TravelLatte stayed at the Riu Palace Peninsula, and you can too!
Or find your own paradise with these Cancun hotel deals.

A few more things that are good to know about the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula, some of which we did not take advantage of:

  • There is a kids club with activities geared towards the under 12s.
  • If you fancy an introduction to Scuba diving, you can get a free lesson in the Scuba Pool.
  • Other water sports available include kayaks, body boards, snorkeling gear, and a catamaran. There is a charge for some equipment.
  • During the day, guests can use the tennis courts at the neighboring Hotel Riu Caribe.
  • There is a schedule of events and activities every day at the front desk. This includes cooking and cultural exhibits demonstrations, pool activities, exercise classes, and beach parties.
  • The hotel has two live entertainment stages with live shows nightly; check the schedule at the front desk.
  • In addition to a Turkish spa, the hotel has a beauty salon onsite.
  • Take your athletic shoes; they’re required in the gym. Except, obviously, in the sauna and whirlpool.
  • When you do want to get away, tour representatives are available near the lobby almost every day. If you pre-booked excursions, you will likely need to check in with them to finalize your plans.
  • There are several options to get from the airport to the hotel, and back. Taxis, arranged vans, and airport shuttles are all availabe at costs ranging from less than $10US to more than $25US each way. We booked a shared shuttle from the airport for $25US per person round trip. If you don’t book ahead, there are options at the airport.
Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

At the end of the day, the question is whether we’d come back tomorrow. For this sunset? Yes! For our Riu experience? Read on.

Our Stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun via @TravelLatte.net

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The biggest question in reviewing any hotel is, “Would we go back?” In any other situation, we would say yes, especially if the rooms get updated. The staff and service would definitely bring us back, and the hotel in general was really nice. But this is Cancun, with more than 100 other beachfront resorts worth exploring! It’s through no fault of the Riu Hotel Palace Peninsula if we stay somewhere else on our next visit to Cancun. But 100% to their credit if we don’t.

We would love to hear about your hotel experiences in Cancun, and also about other Riu properties. Feel free to share them in the comments!

Disclaimer: This review was neither solicited nor compensated by Riu Hotels & Resorts. Our stay was booked anonymously, and all opinions are our own.

43 comments on “Our Stay at Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula, Cancun

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  2. Hi Rob, I like walking on the soft sandy beach. Does The Riu Palace Peninsula soft sand beach side allow us to walk miles or any distance?

    • Hi Miranda – We loved the beach area at the Riu! The hotel is right on the beach, and you can walk along the beach in either direction: Towards Cancun, or along the Hotel Zone. Going towards Cancun, you can only walk on the beach up to the river leading to the Lagoon (about 2km). In the other direction, there is no beach on the west side of the Hyatt Ziva Cancun. You can walk all the way to the lighthouse at Faro de Punta (about 4km), and then cut across the grounds at the Hyatt, to continue south on the other side. If you really want a long walk, it’s almost 15k from the Faro de Punta to the Club Med on the south end of the Hotel Zone. We haven’t tried it, but you could probably walk the beach that whole way!

  3. Just booked our trip here, will be my first time at a Riu, and our kids first time out of the country. I’m so excited to get back to Mexico and relax, but even more excited to see my kid’s faces when we show up at this hotel! I’ve read mixed reviews on whether or not the hotel is kid friendly, but your post has me convinced we made the right choice!

    • Fantastic, Katie! You’ll really enjoy it, and so will the kids! Ours – being a teenager – was perfectly content to spend the day in a hammock on the beach, reading and Facetiming her friends back home. The joys of Wi-Fi on the beach! But we did see a lot of kids, and the staff made sure they had fun. We didn’t mention, but there were many pool activities for kids (of all ages), too. Have a great trip!

  4. Been staying at Riu hotels since 2006 and believe me I never had a bad stay are anything to complain about. Very friendly staff from checking in to checking out. And as am writing this comment am at the hotel now enjoying the MJ show. I started when I was single now married with 2 kids and a beautiful wife, my advice the all inclusive is the way to go.

    • Thanks for sharing your expereince! Good to know you’ve enjoyed the Riu hotels. We have yet to have a bad experience with them as well! Just wish we could have more of them…especially where there’s a beach involved! 😉

    • It was better than we expected, for sure. I do think it was worth it, because the restaurants were good and we really got our money’s worth out of the cafe. 🙂 But you’re right, it does have everything. Not having a reason to leave could be a bad thing, because there are worthwhile things to get out for! On the other hand, if you’re looking just for gelling on the beach…perfect. 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Shona!

  5. What a great hotel. Must say this is my kind of vacation: Sun, swim, snack, sip. Rinse and repeat! The rooms look like they needed updating but the views look amazing. Great review and photos! Pinned this for later for my next trip to Cancun. Thanks for sharing! #feetdotravel

    • We thought the same thing – the rooms could use a little updating, even though they do fit the Modern motif. Everything else was spot on, though. And the location was great, too. If you do go, you’ll have to let us know what you think! Thanks for the comment, Steph!

    • Between the beach and the coffee/pastry bar…it’s a good thing they’re separated – it gives you a little walking to work off pastries before you plop on the beach. Although, we did discover that the beach bar staff would bring you pretty much anything. Definitely too much of a good thing! 😉 Thanks for your comment, Lolo!

  6. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Cancun. Your post made me want to go back there. I love the warning sign at Riu Palace. Sounds promising. The last time we were in Cancun we also stayed at an all inclusive resort. The result was that I came home with 5 extra pounds. All inclusive doesn’t work for me, obviously (lol!)

    • Every time we look back on this post, we feel like it’s time to go back! We really did have a great time there, and but did make a point to spend a lot of time swimming and snorkeling, hoping to avoid the All Inclusive five pounds! 😉

  7. Ooooh, how I’d love to go there! At this moment I can’t travel to Mexico due to health issues, but as soon as it’s cleared: it’s right back on my list. Lovely!

    • Hi Esther – we hope you’re back to your globetrotting self soon! We really enjoyed our time at the Riu, and in Cancun in general. Nice and warm…not like the winter we (and so many others!) have been having. 😉 Thanks so much for your comment!

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  9. Boy does this look like a great place. I am not a fan of drinking crowds so their policies sound up my alley. The only Starbucks in the area would have a visit from me being a coffee NERD. Love the breakfast buffet too! I hope to see you at Fly Away Friday this week 🙂 x

    • Hi Janine – We’re with you: Not a fan of rowdy drinking crowds. We’d also be keeping you company at Starbucks! Hmmm…peas in a pod? 😉 Thanks for stopping by – see you on #FlyAwayFriday!

  10. Ooooh! We’ve stayed at the Riu Palace in Cabo and it was FABULOUS! So I’m not surprised this experience was great for you too! Gotta admit, that dessert shot has me craving for cake! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday – hope to see you again in a few days! xo

    • Hi Kana – Thanks for the comment. We hadn’t stayed with Riu before, but obviously enjoyed it. Knowing there is one in Cabo has us dreaming up some schemes to get ourselves to Mexico, stat! 😉

  11. Considering how convenient Cancun is to where I live, it’s a bit weird that we have yet to go there — especially since it would give my teens a chance to practice the Spanish they’ve been learning in school. This hotel sounds like it might be a good fit for us, but like you, I’d wish that the rooms were a bit nicer. Our vacations are usually bursting with sightseeing, so I wonder how we’d handle lazing around the beach and pool all day. Perhaps I could fill my time chomping down the included pastries. #WkendTravelInspiration

    • Ha! Careful with that pastry line – it’s addictive! 🙂 Although we spent a lot of time on the beach, there is actually a fair amount of sightseeing to be done, too. Tulum and Chichen Itza are a day trip, plus there are sailing trips to Isla Mujeres and Cozumel. The kids (and adults!) would love Xel Ha, the eco-theme park, and it’s close by, too. But once you settle into that sand and sun…man is it hard to motivate your way back out! (Just us???) Thanks for reading, Michelle!

  12. Wow, looks like you guys had a great view from your room! I’ve never stayed in a resort like this but the food & all-inclusive options seem reason enough to try it out! #FlyAwayFriday

    • That view was awesome! Definitely the highlight of the room. The all inclusive was a bonus, but location was a really big part of our decision. Overall, we had a great stay! Thanks for reading, Courtney.

  13. We love an all-inclusive now and again, in fact Phil usually insists on it once a year! Our travelling styles are quite varied, we do full-on hectic travel for a chance to see the world and explore local life, but sometimes it’s nice to switch off, do nothing but be pampered and re-charge. The Rui in Cancun looks like our kind of place! The only thing we’ve learnt is to go for adults-only resorts, the fact this place caters for that too, perfect.

    • I like Phil’s rule! Once a year is good for a total, no-effort recharge. 🙂 We were surprised that, even in the family sections of the Riu, there were not a ton of kids! Thankfully, not a lot of the types that see All Inclusive and go just for the booze, either. What we do like about Cancun, in general, is that you could get out and do stuff…IF you can force yourself to get out of the hammocks… 😉 Thanks for reading, gents!

  14. I’ve never tried all inclusive but I could definitely see my first time being somewhere like here, or you know, here! That interior and that view are fantastic, but I think bar service by the beach is where I’d find myself for sure. If I get a chance to head back to Mexico, I might have to set aside some time for here. You had me at “Unliimited coffee drinks” by the way 😉

    • Ha! Yeah, David, that hooked us, too. Although, having someone bringing you mojitos in the hammocks is a great way to get spoiled, too! We do like that Cancun is close enough for day trips to some great spots for some hiking and snorkeling, plus our favorite – sailing! I mean, you can only take so much pampering like that…right? Thanks for stopping by!

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  16. Before we became backpackers, “back in the day” when we earned money and went on holiday, we would absolutely stay in an All Inclusive resort every year, and we did opt for the Riu chain on a few occasions. OK, so I admit, they are all pretty standard and you could be in any hotel in the world, but we used to love the convenience of knowing what to expect, having drinks on tap (literally!) and a huge abundance of food to enjoy whenever we wanted it! As we were also seeking indulgence and relaxation, it suited us, so to hear about your lovely holiday in Cancun brought back lovely memories. Loving the yellow shorts on the beach look, classic #feetdotravel look 😀

    • Ha! I love my yellow shorts! Makes it easier for the waiter with my margarita to find me! (Bonus #travelskill there!) Really, that’s just it – we wanted the convenience of the all-inclusive, and the price was no higher than some equivalent resorts. As far as being pretty standard, we were impressed that the Riu made the attempt to “keep it local” in many ways, from cultural activities and exhibits, to their very own Mayan ruin! Still, it’s hard to find a truly “local experience” in that area of Cancun. Thanks for your comments, guys!

  17. You had me at “tennis courts” – wow this place looks absolutely INCREDIBLE. That food?!?! And it’s all included? I never stay in hotels, let alone luxurious resorts so this is all very new and exciting to me but it looks like I really have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Lexx – Those tennis courts looked great, too. Trouble is, that beach just sort of cemented my feet in the sand! 😉 That whole area of Cancun is one “luxury” resort after another – some much more luxurious than others. But we found that, with some searching, the all-inclusive route wasn’t any more expensive than some of the other options. Sure was convenient, too. Plus, if you’re going out to tour, hike, dive…it’s nice to be able to come back and have a nice meal at the hotel.

  18. Cancun was high on our list of places to visit before, I think after this its climbed another couple of spots! I love that you get the choice of all inclusive or not and have such a choice of pools and activities 🙂

    • Hi Michael – thanks for reading! Because it’s such an active vacation spot – for families and couples – there really is a lot to do. Or you can do very little, like we did. 🙂 If you like fun in the sun (wow, that sounded sooo corny!) you’ll love it.

  19. The Riu Palace Hotel sounds like my kind of place to stay for some R & R. You said it better “Sun, swim, snack, sip. Rinse and repeat”. Love that quote. I like that you can have it all inclusive or not. Lots of pools to choose from or just an umbrella on the beach along with great activities to try. I pinned this for later use on my next visit to Cancun. Great photos and thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I think you’d really enjoy it, Stephanie! A quick chat with the activities guy, and we found out that they partner with a company that runs Scuba trips out to the Underwater Art Gallery and the reef, so there’s more to do if you want to. Or you can follow our Sun-Swim-Snack-Sip routine. Be sure to stretch first…it’s quite a workout. 😉 Thanks for reading!

  20. Your post left me longing for Cancun. It’s been so long since we haven’t been there that I almost forgot how beautiful it is. Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula must be new because I haven’t seen it the last time we were there. However, this was about 15 years ago…

    • We know how you feel, Anda! We thought about going back several times while writing this and looking through the photos. The Riu hotels are pretty new – the Palace Peninsula opened in 2012, and I think it’s sister, the Riu Caribe next door, has the same birthday. The company now has four or five locations in Cancun! I’m thinking we need to try them all so we can compare. 😉

  21. Sounds like a great place. I love the beaches in Cancun! I haven’t done an all inclusive there because the restuarants outside the hotels are so good and relatively cheap. #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • Hi Anisa – We really enjoyed doing absolutely nothing there! Sometimes, you need that downtime. 😉 You’re right about the restaurants in Cancun, and normally we would do that instead of an All Inclusive. We’ll chalk this one up to “research.” Someone has to do it, right?

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