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Slip Into Packable, Disposable Slippers - Travel Tips via @TravelLatte.net

Travel Tips: Questionable Floors? Don’t go there bare!

Don’t Go Bare There! Slip into packable, disposable slippers.

Not to gross you out but… have you ever wondered about that hotel shower? Or the pool area? Or the gym lockers? Or…

Chances are, it’s not the most germ-free floor in the world. Chances that you didn’t pack a pair of shower shoes are pretty high, too. Who has room for yet another piece of footwear, regardless of how icky the situation might get?

Two Words: Disposable Slippers

We’re here to help, with a simple suggestion: Disposable shower shoes. Slippers you can slip on and then toss out. They’re super-small, and weigh almost nothing, so you’ll hardly notice them in your suitcase or backpack. And they’ll fit almost anywhere. Genius, right?

“Where in the world do I get those,” you ask? Two basic options: Be good friends with the pedicure people, or head to that amazing everything-in-the-world store, Amazon! You’ll find the cheapy foam type they use at solons for as little as 50¢ (US) a pair. We like to live the life of luxury with the disposable type that hotels sometimes provide, for about a dollar a pair. Just be sure you get one with a cloth or rubber soul so you can wear them in the shower.

Beyond the bathroom, having a pair of tossable slippers is handy in many places. They’re great for long airplane rides, or running down the hall for ice. (To chill the champagne, obviously!) You can use them on the road, but even at home when you’re going to the gym (only the yuckiest shower ever!). We even recommend a pair (or a few) for road trips. Don’t take YOUR shoes into those gross truck stop bathrooms! Slip these on, and then toss them out as soon as humanly possible. (Bleh…we get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.)

The downside? You have to buy in bulk to make it cost effective. But then, you are throwing them away as you leave the hotel, sooooo…

We’ve picked out a couple of our favorites in the Amazon links down below. The rainbow assortment is fun for a little flash and style at an economy price. Honestly, though, the cushy hotel style fits us like, well, a slipper!

Your Turn

Many people are suspect of the cleanliness at hotels of every caliber. Have you developed a routine to make sure you don’t check out with some strange bacteria? We hope you’ll use the comments below to share your tips for hotel room hygiene. You can also click for more #Travel140!

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