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#Travel140: Our Three Favorite Packing Tips

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There are a lot of travel tips out there about packing, and everything else. Most are good, some are bad, and a few are great! We’re read – and tried – many of them, and these are our Three Favorite Packing Tips:

Pack Chronologically

It makes sense to pack things in the order you’ll use them. We like to lay out our wardrobe and stack them in outfits, then pack them by day. PJs for the first night go on top, slacks for the trip home go on the bottom. Just like your wardrobe, think in layers! We also like using packing cubes with a full day (or two) wardrobe in each one.

Pack Shoes at the Bottom

Not at the bottom of the layers you just made, but at what will be the bottom of your suitcase when you stand it up. Packing your shoes and other heavy items at the bottom will help keep your luggage from falling over.

Bonus Tip: Wear your bulkiest shoes – make sure they’re slip-ons so you can speed through security at the airport. Pack your smaller shoes, so you don’t fill half your luggage with shoes.

#Travel140: Travel Tips via @TravelLatte

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Don’t Pack It All in Checked Baggage

Yes, there are many people who fly with carryon luggage only. That’s great for them but, if you plan on checking a bag, make sure you have something to wear that night and the next day (or two) in your carryon. Just. In. Case.

Bonus Tip: If you do check a bag, take a picture of it (inside and out) before handing it over to the airline. If it gets lost, pictures can help reunite you with your bags.

What are your favorite packing tips? You can share them in the comments, and we’ll re-post the best tips. Be sure to include your Twitter handle and a link to your blog, if you have one! Or click for more #Travel140 Travel Tips!

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