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#Travel140: Camping Out for Better Packing

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Shop camping supply sites/stores for clever, super-packable products that save space!

Backpackers and campers often make great travelers because they know how to do two important things:

  • Get the most stuff in the least space – Fitting everything you need (not want) in as little space as possible, sometimes with jealousy-inducing gear and gadgets
  • Get the most out of the least – making do with sometimes innovative solutions so you can pack less
Camping store interior

Not everything in a camping store may be practical for your trip…but we really want that big Dutch Oven!

While these secret skills can take years to hone, you can get a head start by checking out camping supply sites and stores. You’ll find all sorts of clever, space (and weight) saving, and super-packable products, from mini repair kits to raingear to bug repellents and netting. You might also find lightweight, functional clothing, packing solutions, and alternatives to batteries and AC current.

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