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#Travel140: You’re Not Stuck in TSA PreCheck

#Travel140 #TravelTip: TSA Pre-Check is a great idea, just not always the best idea.

This is actually three Travel Tips in one. First, if you haven’t already, we encourage you to enroll in TSA Pre-Check or, if you travel internationally often, Global Entry (which includes Pre-Check). If you’re not familiar with the programs, you can learn more about trusted traveler programs here.

Second, be observant. As you approach the TSA checkpoint, look at all of the lanes. As Pre-Check becomes more popular, we’re seeing more people than ever in that line and, sometimes, that means fewer people in the “slow lane”.

Finally, use common sense. On a recent trip, we lined up with about a dozen people in the Pre-Check lane and watched a single traveler stroll right past us in an empty regular security lane. While we had the advantage of being able to leave our shoes and jackets on, and leave our liquids and laptops in our luggage, she still beat us through security. (If we could figure out how we ended up in a nearly empty checkpoint, that would be a golden Travel Tip of its own!)

Lesson learned: TSA Pre-Check is a great idea, but common sense should tell you that hopping over to an empty “slow” lane is a better idea.

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