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#Travel140: Don’t Undo Your R&R – Plan Post Vacation Downtime

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Give yourself some post-vacation downtime so stress doesn’t undo your R&R!

No doubt you’ve heard people say they need a week to catch up after taking a vacation. You’ve probably even said it yourself! Fact is, real life doesn’t take vacations. While you were away, co-workers were working, grass was growing, and laundry was piling up. Now that you’re back, you have to play catch-up, and that can erase all the benefits of taking a vacation.

To preserve that rest and relaxation, and at least a little bit of sanity, don’t jump back in with both feet. Plan a post-vacation day off to unpack, put things away, and take care of home and family – and you – before heading back to work.

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