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#Travel140: Try a two-wheeled tour to see the city and stay in shape!

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Like to bike? A two-wheeled tour is a great way to see a city & stay in shape!

Many people struggle to stay fit on the road, or abandon their workouts on vacation. But you can easily have an enjoyable time and get some exercise by biking around your destination city.

Try a bicycle tour of the city sites. Many excursion and tour companies offer tours for one or many, and for all fitness levels. Sometimes there are special themes, too, like monuments, sea shores, or night rides. You can find a tour with a Google search of your destination, or with a global operator like Viator.

Want to go it alone? Many cities have bike share programs that let you pick up a bicycle at one location, and drop it at another. Many hotels also offer loaner bikes for guests to use, often at no cost, or will have arrangements with a local bike shop. Another option is peer-to-peer bike sharing. Similar to Air BnB, individuals (and companies) rent their rides for a modest fee. You can find bikes for rent across America at (along with skis, snowboards, surfboards, and paddle boards).

Don’t worry if you’re not in Tour de France shape. For the majority of us who are not, you can often find electric-assist bikes, or even a bicycle built for two! Whatever you choose, don’t forget to grab a helmet and take plenty of water when you exercise that pedal power of yours.

Would you take a bike tour on vacation? Have you taken one, or have one to recommend? Let us know in the Comments!

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