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#Travel140: Pack a Pillowcase in your Carry-on

#Travel140 #TravelTip: A simple pillowcase may be the most useful thing to pack in your carry-on.

Pack a Pillowcase, The most useful thing since the towel!

According to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” If that’s true, a pillowcase is a close second*. It takes far less space in your carry on, and has far more practical uses. Here are a few of our travel-tested favorites:

  • Stuff it with a sweater or jacket for an instant pillow.
  • Cover the train / airplane headrest, where thousands of other heads have rested.
  • Stuff with dirty clothes as you go.
  • Pinch hit for a scarf.
  • Replace that questionable hotel / hostel pillowcase.
  • Emergency “hobo-style” bag.
  • An extra layer when the airplane gets extra chilly.

When it comes to travel, gear that performs multiple functions is invaluable.

A simple pillowcase does more than enough to earn its place in your carry-on, while taking up little precious space. A towel, maybe not so much. (Apologies to Douglas Adams.)

*If you feel like we’ve taken exception with Douglas Adams’ towel assertions before, you are right. And very observant. We also chose the Pashmina shawl as being more useful than a towel.

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3 comments on “#Travel140: Pack a Pillowcase in your Carry-on

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  2. I agree that the Pashmina shawl is super-useful, though I would doubt that it would serve me all that well when I step out of the shower. That said, it does make a useful headrest/pillow cover, extra layer for warmth, sun-shade in hot environments, and modesty cover in religious sites.

    • Hi Linda! My very gentlemanly scarf falls far short on most counts, but when it’s chilly (and sometimes even when it’s not) fashion goes right out the window and I beg/borrow/steal a Pashmina. We do travel with a pillowcase or two to use as a seat cover, too. Very handy. Thanks again for visiting!

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