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The Perfect Travel Workout in One Word

The Perfect Travel Workout

We know it’s hard to keep fitness at the top of your To Do list when you travel a lot – whether for work or pleasure. So, every year, we devote some of our travel tips to keeping fit on the road! We’ve collected some of our more popular tips on Travel Fitness, with links later on in this post. In this post, though, we’re exploring Yoga for travel!

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Yoga for Travel

I don’t know if it’s age, or the cumulative effects of time spent at altitude but, after a recent flight, I understood what a pretzel feels like. A pretzel that has been manhandled by a sadistic contortionist. I had felt that way before, though: after my first yoga class. Coincidence?

After a couple of sessions though, I started getting the hang of it and tense muscles relaxed. I discovered that, despite poses that seem impossible to middle-aged men (and pretty much every other mere mortal), yoga does wonders to loosen muscles and calm the body, and mind. From a traveler’s perspective, the best part of yoga is that you can squeeze in a session with no equipment, very little space, and whatever time you have.

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You can literally enjoy a DIY Yoga session almost anywhere!

Skip the Yoga Class

When you’re traveling, you don’t usually have time to go find a studio and sign up for a class. In this electronic world, though, you do have time for a yoga class delivered on your smartphone or tablet. There are several free and inexpensive yoga apps available for Android and iPhone that let you watch pre-recorded yoga classes whenever and wherever you have time.

While the apps are helpful, we like the flexibility of being able to watch on our laptops. Instead of an app, we’ve opted for Yoga Download*. As the name implies, you can download class videos for your workout. We appreciate the filters, which let us choose our favorite style, preferred instructors, or video length to suit the situation. It is not free; individual sessions are usually less than $5, or you can sign up for a membership, which gives you access to stream or download classes, with different membership levels. So it’s just like a yoga studio, except it’s on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And you get to choose the time and class.

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The Perfect Travel Workout

After spending a few hours in any kind of seat, nothing feels better than a good stretch. Yoga gives you that and, when practiced regularly, strengthens and tones your muscles, joints, and spirits.

We’ve written before about body weight and resistance band workouts, which we also do when traveling. We’ve added yoga to our arsenal, and think it’s just about the best way to work out travel kinks and keep fit, at home or on the road.

Yoga 101
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