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#Travel140: Your laptop still has to go through security by itself.

#Travel140 #TravelTip: Even if your laptop has a lie-flat seat, it still has to go through the scanner on its own.

Shopping for a new backpack with space for your laptop, and thinking that cool lie-flat feature might speed your way through airport security? Not so fast. We asked the TSA, just to be sure. Turns out, unless you’re in the Precheck lane, all laptops still need to be removed from your bags and be placed in bins by themselves.

Whenever you are shopping for luggage and bags, be sure you know the security rules in the countries you’ll be visiting, and the limits enforced by the airlines you’ll be flying. After all, if something doesn’t fit or isn’t accepted by security, it’s you that has to deal with it, not the luggage company.

Pro-Tip: To get through security faster, make sure your bag has an easy-access laptop compartment so you don’t have to dig through through everything to get to your computer.

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