#Travel140: Sneeze Free Spring Vacations

#Travel140 #TravelTip: We don’t let allergies dampen spring travel, opting for sneeze-free destinations instead!

(Posted Monday 2014/04/21)

No Tissues!Spring is filled with the sounds of sneezing and sniffling around TravelLatte HQ, but we’ve discovered a secret to travel without the tissues! Oddly enough, some of the most desirable travel destinations are also some of the best for allergy sufferers. It turns out beach and mountain destinations offer some relief for travelers with seasonal allergies.

Beach cities benefit from ocean breezes to help clear the air. Many also believe “salt air” helps keep sinuses and nasal passages clear. In the mountains, there are fewer expansive grasslands, and that helps keep the pollen count down.

Of course, there are different triggers everywhere. If pine and oak set you sneezing, the beach is likely a better choice for you. If tropical plants common in coastal communities are your nightmare, try heading for the mountains. Sadly, there is no allergy free destination, but typically lower pollen counts up in the mountains and down on the sea shore are not such bad places to start!

You can see some of the least allergy prone cities in our article “Sneezy Season: Escaping the Sniffles

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2 comments on “#Travel140: Sneeze Free Spring Vacations

  1. Hi Sandy! Thanks for stopping by. I’m with you – it’s the beach for me!! Ironically, I like the mountains during the winter…when it’s even colder!

  2. True, but the flights too and from often put people over the edge with others sneezing around them. I often feel like I should hold my breath when people start coughing and hacking on the planes. They are such germy places. Spring in the mountains is tooooooooooooooo cold, I opt for the beach or sight seeing destinations. Closing in on A-Z

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