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#Travel140 National Fitness Month Tip: An Ounce of Prevention for Fitness, too!

May is National Fitness & Sports Month and our #Travel140 Travel Tips will focus on fitness all month long. Tip #5 and the final tip in this series: The old saying “An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure” goes double for fitness on the road!

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How NOT to travel! Even if you don’t end up on crutches, don’t undo the benefits of your travel workout by over-doing it!

Staying healthy and keeping fit genuinely enhances the travel experience, and being on the road doesn’t mean you have to take a break from your workout routine. However, you should exercise a bit more caution. (See what we did there?) Here’s why: When you’re working out at home, you know where to find help should you need it, and you can rest and take it easy for a few days if you have to. Two luxuries you don’t have when you’re traveling.

In our #Travel140 tips for National Fitness Month, we featured a couple of workouts (which you can find below) that are good for travel because they require little time and minimal equipment. You may not have noticed, but they’re also very low impact and a bit on the safe side. The last thing we want to do is pull a muscle, twist an ankle, or worse the day before a walking tour of the city, or any vacation activity, really! So, our final fitness tip is to not overdo your workout. Traveling can be challenging enough – it’s not the time to challenge your body, too.

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For more on National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, including ideas to help you get and stay active, health news, and more, visit the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. Be sure to come back here for more tips on staying fit while traveling.

#Travel140 Travel Tips for Health & Fitness

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