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Travel Fitness: Pack a workout in 3oz or less!

You’re likely familiar with the TSA’s “Three Ounce Rule” but there’s an even better one you should know: Save room in your luggage for those rubber workout bands. A set of three or four bands will be right around three ounces, and they’ll give you a great workout on the road.

Resistance Exercise Bands via @TravelLatte

This set of four resistance bands is great for many exercises, costs around $10, and weighs just a few ounces. (Photo: Starwood Sports)

Previously, we posted the 20 Minute Travel Workout, which uses no equipment. When you’re ready for a little more, pack some elastic bands for simple resistance exercises. They are amazingly versatile and can provide quick mini-workouts almost anywhere…even a cramped airplane seat!

We make it up as we go, mixing stretches and exercises with the bands into our hotel room workouts. Another great resource is this post at Rigor Fitness, The Ultimate Resistance Band Exercise Guide. Whether you need some pointers to get started, or want to start a whole resistance band routine, they’ve got you covered with pointers, videos, and more.

Need some bands, too? You can find them at any sporting goods store, or grab them from Amazon. (Our link – it won’t cost you any more when you buy from Amazon through us, but it helps fund our coffee and travel obsessions. Thanks in advance!)

If you have any favorite exercises with little or no equipment, we’d love to hear about it. Just leave us a comment below!

National Fitness Month
This post was originally part of a series of travel fitness tips for National Physical Fitness & Sports Month. For more information, including health news, and ideas to help you get and stay active, visit the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. Be sure to come back here for more tips on staying fit while traveling.

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