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Travel140 TravelTips via @TravelLatte.net

#Travel140: Wear your biggest shoes!

#Travel140 #TravelTip: A good travel rule of…toe! Wear your heaviest or bulkiest shoes and pack others.

Normally, we recommend that you wear slip-on shoes to the airport, so you can fly through airport security when you have to remove your shoes. But here’s another idea: Wear the heaviest or bulkiest shoes you’re travelling with, and pack the rest.

Keen Nopo Boots are too big to pack, via @TravelLatte.net

Rob loves his Keen Nopo boots, but they are too big to pack! (Photo: Sascha Blaesen | soq.de

We like to walk and hike, but many walking shoes and especially hiking boots can be bulky and heavy, taking up far too much room in your luggage. If you’re set on taking them, it only makes sense to wear them. Of course, wearing hiking boots (or any lace-up shoes) is going to slow you down when going through security. Just be sure to unlace while you’re in line for the scanners, and then you can sit down and lace up afterwards.

Pro Tip: Just like everything else, shoes that can do double duty can save room and effort. Handsome walking shoes that can dress up with nice jeans or slacks, for example.

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